EWA membership is open to all US Government personnel and their dependents assigned to the US Embassy Mission in Tokyo under the jurisdiction of their Principle Officer. Membership is also open to all US Mission Consulates, TDY and members under SOFA. Please contact us if you are unsure of your eligibility. ewamanagertokyo@gmail.com

EWA Membership

To apply for membership, fill out and submit the online form and upload a copy of your Travel Order. Upon EWA Administrative Operations Manager’s sight and approval, we will issue you your membership number, open your account at the EWA Store and add you to our mailing list.


Membership Rates: (PDF)

Full Membership for personnel under Chief of Mission gives access to all EWA services, discounts, programs, and community facilities with annual dues of $160 for Singles, $300 for Couples, and $500 for Families. Internet/cable member discount ($304.44 annual savings), EWA Store privileges, pre-school and school bus member pricing, and access to all facilities and programs.

Associate Membership for personnel under SOFA enjoy the same access and discounts as Full Members with the Notable exceptions: No voting privileges and cannot serve on the EWA board of directors. Annual dues are also $160 for Singles, $300 for Couples, and $500 for Families.

Affiliate Membership can be chosen by all personnel and gives access to facilities such as Daly Hall, the weight room, gymnasium, community room, tennis courts, and swimming pool as well as EWA pricing on sponsored recreational classes. Annual dues are $80 for Singles, $150 for Couples, and $250 for Families. Notable exceptions: No access to the EWA Store, No membership pricing discounts on services such as internet, pre-school, or fleet charters. No voting privileges and cannot serve on the EWA board of directors.

We also offer Full or Affiliate TDY Membership for any personnel temporarily staying on the Mitsui Housing Compound. Full TDY membership provides the same discounts and access as Full Membership for $30 a month with the Notable Exceptions: No voting privileges and cannot serve on the EWA board of directors. Affiliate TDY Membership is $15 a month with the same access, discounts, and exceptions as our Affiliate Membership.

**NOTE: A copy of your travel orders showing your assignment under the Chief of Mission or SOFA Status is required to complete the process. Membership dues invoices are prorated according to your arrival date. Refunds are also prorated after presenting your travel orders to the EWA office showing your date of departure.**