Thank you to all our members for your patience while our new website is being launched. We apologize for the difficulties experienced in registering and logging in. We are working around the clock to ensure the website is functioning perfectly. Please contact us at the main office for any technical assistance. 
To access the website –
Step 1 – REGISTER – You will need the password to access the registration form
Step 2 – submit the form and wait for the activation email
Step 3 – Login with your USERNAME and Password – DO NOT LOGIN with your email. 
Once logged in – you can make reservations in all facilities. 
The security level is high, so you may experience difficulties if you log on from different computers with different IP addresses. Please contact us if you are blocked #26787. Thank you for your kind patience.

EWA is a dynamic, ever-evolving organization that exists to benefit members by providing services to enhance their everyday lives in Japan. Set up under Commissary & Recreation affairs of the U.S. State Department, it is a cross between a small business and a not-for-profit organization.

The association exists with the oversight & approval of the Post Administration and is accountable to CR financially and operationally. As a small business, it is expected to make a profit; however, as a not-for-profit organization, all profits are used to benefit the membership. Your EWA aims to contribute greatly to the morale of the Embassy Community.